Sunday, 25 May 2008

Here be dragons

asalaamu alaikum
I don't always adversely criticise the UK. Although the country suffers from the stifling yoke of corporate imperialism and the government rules by promoting fear, there are times when humanity and intelligence shine through.
I am delighted to hear that the obsolete and seldom used common law offence of blasphemy is to be abolished in England and Wales from 8 July this year. I would hope that the European Union would enact a Regulation to abolish all crypto-crimes such as blasphemy, witchcraft, adultery and the evil eye as being inconsistent with modern humane society[1].
Perhaps, on the other hand, there is something to be said for bringing back those maps (which I suspect are still used in the USA) showing vast swathes of Terra incognita throughout the world where the fate of the explorer is uncertain. Labelling the territories of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and, certainly, Pakistan ‘Here be dragons’ would, most assuredly, be apt.
If Islam means peace, then a glance at the Global Peace Index would demonstrate that there has never been a greater disparity between a word and its meaning.